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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Check out a good friend of mine.. Steve Hartley
one of the greatest bassplayers i know,
you gotta give him sum love.
enjoy J.


Saturday, September 22, 2007


I had to give some love to our own home grown artist!.
first of all Pete Philly and perquisite two hip-hop prodigies from amsterdam are back with a fresh album so here are my favorite tracks!

third degree
mystery repeats
high tide
time flies

Even beter, there masterpiece/debut Mindstate!
A laid-back album like those albums back in the days with De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.
Every song explores different states of mind..
So here are my fav state of minds from the album.
grab this if you got a change. !

Grateful II

The duo's producer started making beats more then ten years ago in 1996.
In his music a big classical infuense is felt.. this is mainly because of his classical study. He started his own record label in 2001 and also came out with a EP called: Outta Nowhere, which he recorded with a jazz saxplayer named Benjamin Herma.

I'm Walking
Groovin' on Wax
Nothing to play with

Foreign Exchange
Not totaly a home grown pruduct, but this oversees collabo is truly something special! There debut called: Connected and was released in 2004. This duo exist out of the Carolina-raised MC Phonte, one-third of Little Brother,
and dutch producer Nicolay from harlem who crafts soulful, intricate backdrops that draw comparisons to producers like pete rock or jay-dee.
What makes this CD most amazing is that the entire thing was recorded without Nicolay or Phonte ever meeting. The pair first made contact over messageboard After that just Nicolay sending Phonte beats over the Internet and they made it happen like that!
love it.

Title Theme
Raw Lifes
The Answer
Nic's Groove
Be Alright
Hustle, Hustle
End Theme

I'm going further into the music from Producer Nicolay..
Many of his beats sound like they use elements of The Nutcracker Suit or Pete and The Wolf, he uses live instruments as well as samples. the comparisment with 9th wonder is made often but both producers work totaly different..
In the method 9th wonder uses he can produces to like 10 records a day but Nicolay is already happy when he got around 1 or 2 beats in a month.. which illustates his devotion to this beautiful craftsmenswork.. Personally I think he is more a composer then a so called producer..
Here some tracks from his debut: HERE

Here (Intro)
Give Her Everything
Good Days Are Gone
I Love You Way You Love
Let It Shine for Me

This even better!. the album: City Lights 1.5 also by Nic. a true masterpiece..
In concept it's just like a peteinstrumental or donuts! You gotta love it.
Here some outstanding tracks!!

Light It Up
There's No Guarantee
Indian Summer
So Far
Memory Lane
The Sopranos
Band Practice
We Can Fly
City Lights (Reprise)

as BONUS: some songs from different dutch artist, mostly from the appletreerecordlabel. enjoy!

Bullion - Let's Go Away For A While
Sotu the traveller - Goodbye
Kubus - Buiten Westen
Beau - Love Shake n Fries
Kid Sublime - Clap Hands
Louis Bordeaux - If Nobody Shoot I Will
Louis Bordeaux - 340ms (Nightrider Edit)
Billy Palmier - When She Walks
Kid Sublime - Something About Your Love ft. Nicky Guiland
Nelson ft. djosa - Slide
Beau - Peach
Beau - Aqua

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

effe tussendeur.

Check my first mix..
Jazzyjazz - Summermix
it aint to special but, there are some great song on it!
enjoy my absence haha

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I would like to post some chillin HH. lounge beats.
Here it's the layed back, sampling based sound from AIM.
Not going into it, just enjoy there tracks. Peace.

Aim - Just Passin' Through
Hear the Wynton Marsalis and Harlem River Drive samples used!
Aim - Let the Funk Ride
Feel that guitar loop!
Aim - Phantasm
Aim - Demonique
Creepy choir. with the Halloween II sampling going on..
Aim - A Tree, a Rock and a Cloud
Layed back!
Aim - Ain't Got Time to Waste
A nice HH track ft. YZ
Aim - Good Disease
Very chilling sounds and the vocals from Stephen Jones. it works

After this, I had to post some DJ Shadow.!
First that genius Midnight in a perfect world extended version,
And next What does your soul look like, Pt. 1.
DJ Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world
DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1- Blue Sky Revisit

This is also nice !
Gare du Nord , check it out..
Gare du Nord - Room 69.....Moi

Then some more tracks, different gernes.. so enjoy
Freddie Joachim - If I Ruled the World
Fremdkunst - Bose
Benny Sings - I Can't Help Myself
Pharrell and the yessirs - Angel
the roots ft musiq - break you off(instrumental)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

-Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore

Sorry, for the delay.. I had my problems.
Anyway let start of with some new series of music!

First a great album I can't get enough from these weeks especially...
I've been playing this record for all of my short life and it's one of my favorites..
I want you back from the man himself! Marvin..
For them younger ones, take a listen!

Marvin Gaye - Come live with me angel
Hear that sample used by joe..

Next the most sampled song from this album I WANT YOU! the vocal version
Marvin Gaye - I Want You(vocal)

Then 3 more of these perfect songs!
Marvin Gaye - All the way around
Marvin Gaye - Since I had you
Marvin Gaye - Feel my love inside

Next i would like to post some more of these
soul joints for you ears, enjoy!
First a song used by D'angelo - Superman Lover
Johnny Guitar Watson- Superman Lover

Then a Kanye sampled song by D.J. Rogers
J. D. Rogers - Faithful To The End

Next one of Dre's best samples, The Edge
David McCallum - The Edge

That Maceo Parker song Across the Track next
Maceo Parker- Cross the Tracks

Another Marvin, the instrumental T Plays it cool
Marvin Gaye - 'T' Plays It Cool

Closing with a
Kool and the Gang song
Kool & The Gang - Heaven at Once


First I have to let you hear this.!
It's a J. Sands track called baby your mine..
Reconize the beat? Perfect used.!
J. Sands - Baby You Mine (Outro)

Then that overlooked Mos Def track!
Mos Def - Lifetime

Next that new D'angelo track that's going round!
D'angelo - Really Love

After this a classic Pete Rock joint. love the man!
Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz
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